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Kind Of Blue
July 28, 2011 - September 4, 2011

Many of the photographs in this show were taken in various cities, New York, Paris, or Rome. I love these cities; they capture history, culture, energy, moods, smells and noises. Cities provide me with inspiration, and they become the source for my poetic expression, first on film, then on pigment prints. Like poetry, photographs tell a certain story, often in ways that have to be interpreted very personally. I think of the photographs in this show as asking questions, and questions are always more interesting than answers. My art is fundamentally an aesthetic journey, it is meant to be beautiful, yet whether beauty derives from the real or the abstract is unimportant to me, as both convey the feelings I am after. I often connect visual expression to music, and somehow think that Miles Davis's "Kind of Blue" is the right musical voice for this show.