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June 2, 2011 - July 24, 2011

I have heard my work referred to as "Modernist Nudes". I like that. For me, using B&W is traditional, but the way that I work with my subject is not at all traditional for equine photography. My imagery hearkens back to the images of photographer Edward Weston and his peers. To painters like Georgia O'Keefe and designers like the Eames'. My work is much more related to the world of art than it is to the commercial world of equine photography. I am not interested in creating pretty images of pretty horses. I am interested in form, light, shape, shadow and texture. To me the horse is a piece of art. It is the structure of muscle and bone beneath the skin. It is the texture and warmth of the coat. It is the pattern of that coat. The images are what the horse person sees and works with. Not the whole, but the piece. The piece you are grooming. The part under your hand. The movement of one muscle group that will tell you if the whole is working right when you are training. This is what I am trying to tell my viewers about. Through the structure of modernist fine art photography, I am trying to talk about the horse, the icon of myth and history in its most elemental relationship to us, the viewer.