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Bruce Murray Sr

Since 1991, Shawn Murray, the grandson of Bruce Murray, Sr., has been printing, publishing and marketing his grandfather's photo artwork. For over four decades, "The Master" photographer, Bruce Murray, Sr. (1893-1969) has captured amazing images of sports legends, historical figures and Americana.

Bruce Murray's fascination with photography started at the age of 12. He started his professional career around 1911 with the old Philadelphia newspaper the Public Ledger and spent most of the rest of his career with The Evening Bulletin, retiring in 1958. For decades his work with The Ledger and The Evening Bulletin, earned him recognition as one of the best in his field. In the years between the two World Wars, he photographed hundreds of stirring events and world-famous figures. Nicknamed "The Master," he won many awards for his work. His subjects varied from presidents and generals to children and flappers, as well as judges and composers to landscapes and everyday people.

The sports world, though, always had a certain fascination for Murray. He particularly loved baseball and enjoyed spending time at Philadelphia A's Shibe Park or Phillies' Baker Bowl. He was also part of the spring training camp scene every year in Florida, and became a very close friend of the Hall of Fame manager of the A's, Connie Mack. Murray made movies for the A's and took still photographs for himself and the newspapers. Mr. Murray truly loved his work and was a founding father and president of the Philadelphia Press Photographers Association, the second oldest association of it's kind.

His son Bruce Murray, Jr. followed in his footsteps and was a press photographer for the Evening Bulletin before and after his time in the service in W.W.II. He learned his skill from his father, and had the foresight to preserve whatever existing photography of Bruce Sr.'s that survived. He passed on the skill and photography to his son, Shawn (almost Bruce III). Shawn has proudly preserved the legacy and committed his life to publishing his grandfather's (and father's) work.

Shawn prints these photographs directly from the original glass plate negatives that were handed down to him. The baseball photographs feature the true legends of the game and are done in a numbered limited edition. The final number photos are now part of the permanent collection of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. These archival silver gelatin photographs are perfect for sports collectors, corporate gifts, or in the office and home.

Over the years Shawn has succeeded in getting his grandfather's work in the public eye. Bruce Sr.'s work was included in the Sports Illustrated book "20th Century Sports - Images of Greatness." The photo collection has been featured nationally on QVC, the Yes Network and Fox Television networks. The photos have been auctioned at many charity fundraising events for such organizations as the Red Cross, ALS, Alzheimer's