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Bruce MacDougall

I was born in Hawthorne, Nevada on March 11, 1947 to a Marine Corps father and a naturalized Canadian mother. I grew up in southern California and remember using a camera, a Kodak Brownie, for the first time on a family road trip to Chicago when I was 9 years old.

Over the next 40 years I messed around with 35mm and took a few baby steps into 4X5. For the most part, I forgot about photography all together and went about the business of rasing a family and caring for disabled veterans in our 1830’s New England farmhouse.

In early 2001 I received a post card from my high school friend, Gene Kennedy. The image was wonderful, Snake Races, Yosemite Ice Rink. We had lost track of one another as often happens when life intrudes on our best laid plans. Gene wanted to know if I was still around and for some reason I thought it a good idea to call the number on the card. We reconnected immediately and I made a trip to Lincoln, CA and was introduced to “The Photo Boyz”, a diverse group of photographers from Sacramento and the surrounding communities. Each year this group heads out on a 4 day camping & photographic trip to various places in the west. I have been developing my photographic sense during the intervening years and have moved from 4X5 / 120 film wet darkroom to Photoshop, iMac, Canon 5DMkII and Epson 3880.

The unthinkable happened to my family the morning of April 29, 2010. My handling of that horrible event is documented photographically in this exhibit, Searching of Wabi Sabi; Dicovering Molly. I believe this is the theme that will be preeminent in my photographic endeavors as I live out the remainder of my life.