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John Andrulis

John has been working as a professional photographer for eight years and has owned his own gallery for four years. His passion for photography and art developed in college while traveling through Europe by train with only a backpack, visiting many of the major museums and galleries. He has since visited distant countries such as India, Bali, Cambodia, Lithuania, Nepal and Cuba, taking photographs of local people and street scenes.

After teaching in the public school system for several years, John moved to Montana and became the Sports Editor for a daily newspaper. This included photographing collegiate sports, whitewater rafting and professional bull riding. He studied photojournalism and documentary photography in graduate school at the University of Montana.

After returning to the East Coast with his career plans set on opening an art gallery, John moved to Philadelphia where he began photographing homeless men sleeping on sidewalk steam vents during the dead of winter. Simultaneously, he began photographing The Jersey Shore boardwalks and beaches in winter. Here he developed his unique and signature style of combining documentary photography with street and architectural photography to assemble a visual narrative of place. His photos are often placed sequentially so one can see the evolution of his own movement in relation to the changing scenery he is documenting.

John now has more than ten books of photography, including Philadelphia (Documentations), Manhattan (Black and White Narrative), The Jersey Shore (Summer and Winter), Lambertville (Lines, Curves and Shadows) and New Hope (The Art of Living) and LBI (Summer Photographs). John is the owner of JAG Fine Art in Philadelphia and represents more than fifteen artists.