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Julio M. De Pena

Born in the Dominican Republic, a practicing Emergency Physician and self-taught photographer, he first became interested in photography as a young boy after discovering his father's photography equipment and became fascinated and curious with the process of capturing images and moments of his surroundings, the same curiosity that he now focuses on capturing his travels around the world. An enthusiast and avid traveler, mountaineer and photographer he has documented his climbs and travels around the world trying to bring a view of the world as he immerses in the cultures and regions where he goes. In recent years he has taken his work to a higher level of commitment in constant pursuit of perfecting "the way to see the light". “Photography is an escape from the everyday grind of clinical medicine, helps me see the world in a different way, waiting for the right moment, looking for that perfect moment, the perfect photograph.

His work has been showcased in several formats; such as the book; “Soñando el Everest” by Federico Jovine, at the Coral Gables Museum; “Capture Coral Gables” Miami, Florida, USA and Black and White magazine.