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Sandrine Hermand-Grisel

Born and raised in Paris, France, Sandrine Hermand-Grisel fell in love with photography the day her father gave her his old camera, a Praktica. She was seven. With her pocket money she started to buy film and photograph the people she loved and never stopped. In the shadow of her mother who was a sculptor, she visited hundreds of exhibitions in Paris and London that forged her artistic vision and art education. But it was only after her mother's premature death that she decided that life was too short to waste it and with the support of her husband, Sandrine turned to her real passion: photography.

Always hiding her shyness behind her camera, she expresses her feelings in her prints and has a very "motherly" relationship to her work. Each of her "babies" express what she feels, like love in "Nocturnes" and "Waterlilies," curiosity and wanderlust in "Somewhere" and also in "Prague Express" or "On the road," and even her inner rage in "The Scream." Depending of her moods and discoveries, she uses photography to express her emotions without saying a word...

Sandrine Hernand-Grisel is also the founder and editor of All About Photo (www.all-about-photo.com), an encyclopedic website devoted to promoting photographic resources such as galleries, exhibitions, museums, schools and institutes, and many other contacts useful to photographers. All About Photo also, and perhaps most importantly, seeks out and promotes promising photographic talent.