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Salvatore Corso

My interest for photography was triggered by a dual 'pre-existing condition': passion for music and traveling. The desire of preserving memories from live concerts and travels, induced me to kindly pressure my father to buy me my first film camera, a Canon AT-1, which I still proudly have. Music led me to getting more and more curious about portraiture, and traveling expanded into landscapes (both natural and man-made) and street photography. Although fine-art hasn't been so far the main drive of my career as a photographer, I did have a few personal fine-art projects exhibited in New York City, Milan, and Rome.

At this point of my career, I have developed a solid experience in dealing with a variety of technical challenges and situations, and I can confidently carry out projects and deliver excellent quality results, both autonomously or according to the directions of my clients: I approach each job with enthusiasm and a personable attitude.

My style is the result of my experiences. While my eye has a natural inclination for photojournalism, the distribution of space in my compositions derives from my landscape architecture work; seamlessly, all combines when photographing a wedding, and in all my portraiture work.