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Michael Marks

Michael Marks has been making black and white film photographs and printing in the darkroom for over 45 years. He began with a Kodak Brownie his parents gave him. Michael is largely a self-taught but has studied with John Sexton, Henry Gilpin, Steve, Szabo, Michael Smith, Paula Chamlee and Frank Van Riper.  He focuses on people in and their environment. Several years ago he moved from the metropolitan Washington, DC area to the small town of Doylestown Pennsylvania. He recently launched a website and writes a weekly blog dedicated to black and white film photography, the magic of the darkroom, and the community that loves itMichael has also begun teaching photography workshops and photography courses at Delaware Valley University’s Center for Learning in Retirement. He enjoys holding periodic  “Photo Chat Get-Togethers”, and exhibits his work as a member of Gathering Art Gallery coop in Doylestown and at other venues.