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Dominique Bonnet

Born in France during the 60s, Bonnet commenced photography at an early age and developed his first film quite early. After his training in photography, he left for London during the 80s. His photographic work reveals an instinctive sense and a sure manner of composing, a subject that he was lucky enough to have the occasion to talk about with Henri Cartier-Bresson and Willy Ronis whom he met on many occasions during his frequent returns to France. Travelling around the world for a year allowed him to bring in thousands of silver negatives. Many of these images were subjects of numerous solo exhibitions, including “Extérieurs Jour”, “Surimpressions Romaines” and lastly “Japan: a Photographic Haiku” presented four times since 2010. Today Bonnet does digital photography, but still remains deeply attached to the silver images and its nuances. He is exhibiting in various European galleries and lives and works close to Poitiers in France.