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Kirill Ovchinnikov

I am a professional artist who works in the genre of photography and tries to convey the underlying social, psychological and metaphysical processes of our everyday life, without departing from the true nature of documentary photography. I try to explore hidden causal relationships of nature, cities and their inhabitants. The idea to shoot so called "panoramas in pieces" came to me from cinematography, as an analogue of the black and white film. The jagged and uneven form happened when I gave up the tripod for greater mobility. Later, I found this to be a benefit of photo i front of the movie because it gives more options for framing. I choose myself the frame I need - a complete balanced composition as a clean picture or a flowing one from one frame to another, like in a movie. So as director, I plan the script and as photographer, I wait for the right moment to happen. Each picture in the panorama is a single photo and together they make a time story, because sometimes several hours can pass between adjacent frames. I choose the plot in the framework of the events, while being still a reporter.