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Richard Sherman

I am a professional photographer who uses natural light and space to reveal
the peace and tranquility of the world. Photography has taken me to
beautiful locations, introduced me to fascinating people, and has shown me
the commonality of the human experience. Moreover, it allows me to express
a deeper philosophy about life. We control many facets of our modern lives:
from the temperature in our homes to the whiteness of our teeth. But we
cannot control the flow of time. The camera helps us combat our own
mortality: although we cannot stop time, we can pause it with the shutter.
And then we can share our experiences with others. It is a tool that addresses
humankind's fundamental drive to survive and to share. The young mom still
holds her newborn, the little boy still smiles alongside his new bike, the
grandfather still naps on the porch, and the streets still bustle in Bangkok. As
our ancestors gathered around the fire, we gather around our photographs--
from these images stories are told and retold, experiences are recounted,
laughter is shared and tears are shed.
My father was an amateur photographer who taught me the fundamentals
many decades ago. Several years have passed since he died, the flow of time
continues. I feel a special bond with him each time I pick up my camera bag.
And then I head out, hunting for something special to capture and to share.
Like other hunters, I mount my prizes: these are my photographs.