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“Grace and Grit – Boxing at Shuler’s Gym”, Photographs by Jano Cohen
March 1, 2018 - March 31, 2018

Coming Soon: “Grace and Grit – Boxing at Shuler’s Gym”, Photographs by Jano Cohen

My project, “Grace and Grit – Boxing at Shuler’s Gym”, is represented here by a small selection. The series explores the world of a classic boxing gym in a disadvantaged neighborhood in West Philadelphia. The gym is a safe place for people of all ages to learn physical skills in a well-loved sport. In the gym I am documenting the evolution of the training of a boxer from childhood. Trainers keep in the game by passing on their knowledge.  I am observing how the gym operates as a community center and the intimate relationships between trainers and boxers. Whenever possible, I follow the boxers to their pro and amateur fights where I am witnessing the beautiful, intense action, the joyous celebration of success and the frustration of defeat.  Boxers receive extensive support from a large community of family members, friends, and boxing professionals.  In the ring, boxers face down exhaustion, pain, and  injury. In the corner, trainers push the boxers to do their best and cut-men with doctors work to keep the boxers healthy throughout the fight.  Referees make sure each boxer knows and follows the rules. A fight is a grand, exciting, but potentially dangerous spectacle, with a powerful personal outcome for each winner and loser. 

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