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"Pauses" (Unplugged), Photographs by Dominique Philippe Bonnet
December 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016

"Pauses" (Unplugged), Photographs by Dominique Philippe Bonnet

Photography has always been a special artistic media for Dominique Philippe Bonnet because of its privileged link with time. "Historically speaking, photography was invented by man to freeze time, all the while trying to preserve on a sheet of paper, a trace of those moments, the good and the bad ones, which manage to escape us every second. Today photography is much more than a simple memory keeper: it offers us infinite spaces of creation, where time seems to still play a peculiar role", D.P.Bonnet says.

As far as he's concerned, D.P.Bonnet is quite sensitive about the passing of time. "It seems to me that we are in life like runners. During the race, one sees the environment like a trail which is more or less hazy or multi-colored. I use photography to capture our world in motion and show how this world is a succession of scenes generating emotions, but whose shades often seem to escape one's conscious feeling, as it's too ephemeral."

This series entitled "Pause" in French (unplugged), is a work on those privileged moments when the world activity stops. The cars are in the garage, work gloves are hung, and even the clouds seem to stop their race. In this ever faster world, these moments are few and help give us a glimpse of what could be an ideal world...

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