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"Each Passion", Photographs by Shawn Ehlers
November 1, 2016 - November 30, 2016

"Each Passion", Photographs by Shawn Ehlers

I’ve come back to my roots with photography, shooting exclusively with various Polaroid cameras. I find the film produces a magic image which scanned during the development of the photo is then printed using watercolor textured archival paper and ink. Typically there are several layers of encaustic wax that are brushed on and manipulated with a palette knife to get the surface I desire. The art of encaustic wax began in ancient Greece, initially applied to the hulls of ships with pigment and eventually made it’s way to both easel painting and sculpture.

There is a luminosity and dimensionality with the application of encaustic wax. This series of portraits began about 5 years ago and includes models, dancers, and surfers that I have photographed using this painterly style.

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